Chatbots to Drive Your Customer Service

While chatbots bring immense innovation and a new way for brands to communicate with their customers, there are many reasons why chatbots are going to replace customer service. Before getting straight to the point, note that this April Facebook allowed businesses to carry out customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive decisions through chatbots.

So why do you need chatbots?

  1. Facebook Messenger has 900 million users. Naturally, every single business aims to reach its audience through this popular platform.  Customers love Facebook and frequently prefer asking questions through a brand page there, rather than calling to a customer service. Messaging apps are a better way to communicate than the phone for most people, especially younger ones.
  1. People usually ask the same questions. Over and over again. With chatbots, the both customers and companies will save time to resolve issues quickly.
  2. Human representatives can only handle one call at a time. Unfortunately, trying to help as many customers as they can, the service quality is not good enough. Meanwhile, the bots can handle hundreds of customer inquiries simultaneously. That means customers can get assistance 24/7 with no call waiting.
  1. Chatbot Messengers allow to save conversations’ history and retain them if needed from the last interaction. It saves time and energy for business. Moreover, customers will remain happier, because there is nothing more annoying that repeating your question all over again to a new person.
  1. The worst roadblock a customer can encounter with a customer service is the difficulties in understanding. With chatbots, you send a text message. Plus, a chatbot is getting smarter due to its artificial intelligence and it will learn to understand any queries.

Surely, Facebook Messenger platform is just of one many that can be used for chatbots to handle customer service issues. Any platform can be chosen depending on business needs and goals.

View our list of use cases of customer service chatbots to check out:


KLM presented its chatbot on Facebook Messenger. After booking a flight on, passengers can receive a booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass and any scheduling changes. It’ll also send over a boarding pass, which can be used to get through security and onto their flight. They can also ask a chatbot any questions including how to find in a single place, available at the airport, en route or at home.

Askul Corp.

Tokyo-based Askul Corp., a company specializing in an online personal computer (PC)-related items, other office supplies, office-related lifestyle products and office furniture, has significantly  improved its services by using a chatbot.  The chatbot handles customer inquiries.

American Express

American Express chatbot called Amex allows users to receive real-time purchase alerts and key information about benefits related to their purchases. It even sends information about the airport lounge for Amex users or to use Amex’s concierge service to browse restaurant reviews in the destination city.

We believe that with chatbots, customers will get a better experience, and relationship with brands  will become more personal.

Our agency specializes in chatbot development and can quickly integrate it into any website or messaging app. We can easily build a chatbot that will perfectly suit your customer service allowing you to save time and energy. Interested? Then drop us a line!